so I took a LIE DETECTOR Test...

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Today I took a LIE DETECTOR Test and answered questions about a lot of BGpostrs, games and topics! Big thanks to @juniorpk for interrogating me, go easier next time though LMAO
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid but this isnt really one because its a look at everything I do in a week! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you guys like the video where I talked about the black hole coming back! Today I took a lie detector test! Hope you enjoy!

George Gurney
George Gurney преди ден
His wife just shot him lol
Bdawg 910
Bdawg 910 преди 5 дни
Do you ever find anyone you work with annoying? *No* *False* Jack: Lmfao stfu sypher I'm skipping this. 😂 Love it jack
Mrpie8220 преди 6 дни
Love your contrent
Tyler Dixon
Tyler Dixon преди 9 дни
This is bs there isn’t even wires connected to the laptop
Lionel Griffith
Lionel Griffith преди 9 дни
this is fake
Dababy123 H
Dababy123 H преди 10 дни
Controller players whould be terrible if it weren’t for aim assist
mohomad kassem
mohomad kassem преди 10 дни
I don't know if I'm correct but sometimes if someone does a lie detector test and they tell the truth something forces them to lie in there head I don't maybe it's just me.
Mr Puffball
Mr Puffball преди 11 дни
The audacity to say no 7:03
Xeno преди 12 дни
It's a BP machine and oxygen tester but the oxygen testers upside down so we don't learn the truth (still love ur vids)
Xeno преди 12 дни
The wire ain't even connected tho lol 😂
kaksasuke fn
kaksasuke fn преди 12 дни
that sometimes though
The Chocolate Labs
The Chocolate Labs преди 12 дни
Would have been better with the Aussies
Jaithan Peterson
Jaithan Peterson преди 13 дни
0 seconds ago SypherPK actually thinks he’s good lmaoooo my guy is trash he’s like muselk level not saying he’s not a good content creator he’s j not that good at fortnight Fresh has lots of earnings and is a Pro am winner in 2020 what does SypherPK have??
JBot преди 13 дни
its obv staged i feel he always *SIGH* and makes an excuse
YT Alertmatt210
YT Alertmatt210 преди 14 дни
He is in so much trouble with his wife 😭😂😂😂
karim sib
karim sib преди 14 дни
90% lie wtf
Cooper Levin
Cooper Levin преди 15 дни
He better hope his wife doesn't see this ever. Or anyone else that he ditched. Don't worry sypherPK I still like you. Edit: As I continue watching if she watches this video RIP SypherPK.
Nemesistreams преди 15 дни
i love the guy in the back
Laila Abu Esba
Laila Abu Esba преди 15 дни
I love that there is just a guy in the background saying true and false
UKNOWN HACKER преди 15 дни
The wires aren’t even connected
kietou преди 16 дни
sypher hasnt watched fresh play comp lol
Vaxy MKK
Vaxy MKK преди 16 дни
3:16 Where did he touch???
Jack Madsen
Jack Madsen преди 16 дни
Me?! Lie?! Never!
Ashwath Vimal
Ashwath Vimal преди 16 дни
Fresh is better in game than in a build fight so 100 percent sypher could beat him
The Terminator
The Terminator преди 16 дни
7:02 😁
Viral Shah
Viral Shah преди 17 дни
The guy in the back is so monotonous
Amarnaath 33
Amarnaath 33 преди 19 дни
Sypher stop lying um ur fan but still this is too much the one in ur finger is oximeter and another is bp checking machine
さび преди 20 дни
i lost my respect as soon as he said he wanted a new map
Sawyer Blume
Sawyer Blume преди 20 дни
I love how the way the guy says FALSE
Angel De La Luz
Angel De La Luz преди 20 дни
"Hey guys! This is Sypher, on this video I'm gonna show you how to pass a lie detector test."
Hammer S
Hammer S преди 20 дни
TYSM sypher for saying mobile players r gamers bc ima mobile player and can’t afford a pc yet.
Hammer S
Hammer S преди 20 дни
I find beach Jules attractive lmao
Bob memer
Bob memer преди 20 дни
I would prefer if matchmaking was based off what platform you were on eg Console players vs Console players, Pc players vs Pc players. I just think it would make it so much more fair as when I'm in the end game on controller some pc kid beams me and then quintuple edits in 2 seconds on my head.
YxngBro преди 21 ден
You know its fake nothing is connected
PresxntGiftz преди 21 ден
SyherPK: Have you ever stream-sniped a streamer.......yes but i spread positivity 12 year old grinder stream-snipes shyer:Naaa I’m reporting you for abusive gameplay 12 year old grinder I’m spreading positivity......naaaa you spreading COVID 🤢🤢🤢🤢
PresxntGiftz преди 21 ден
I Tired to download a antimarco on console lmao
CompassPvP преди 21 ден
gokarts4fun преди 23 дни
how is the man on the computer so still the entire vid
Guna nithi
Guna nithi преди 23 дни
the guy who is saying the real answer i mean the guy who sits right side of sypher looks like he is seizured
Mufasa преди 24 дни
tbh Fortnite probably deleted the old map landscape lmao and the only thing left is the map
Husky Ninja
Husky Ninja преди 25 дни
That's not a lie detector.. it's all BS.. there's no wires at all going to the laptop and the thing in your arm is a regular puff up blood pressure that don't connect to a computer..
Candis Sack
Candis Sack преди 25 дни
I laugh how he says he is like the same skill wise ass fresh but puts players he can beat in a 1v1 freh is in the same Colin as lazarbeam even though fresh would destroy sypherpk in a 1v1
Melanie Neal
Melanie Neal преди 26 дни
Fresh Is Way Better Then The X2 Twins They Are Good But Not Better Then Fresh >:D
Chucky G
Chucky G преди 26 дни
yes! I can hack
thereal1 преди 26 дни
Mans 24 and attracted to fortnite skins
GTA_CLIPS_2_33_34 преди 27 дни
Stop the cap
a๒ᗪǗllah Khaη
a๒ᗪǗllah Khaη преди 27 дни
bro sypher do you really fucking think that the x2 twins are better than fresh u just lost your fucking mind i love ur vidz but fresh the best
Nopelk преди 27 дни
I feel bad for the lie detector person lmao "do you find fortnite skins attractive"
ACE Atrificial
ACE Atrificial преди 27 дни
Well his wife and him are gonna have some fun time discussing about the streaming
Jose Andres Oregel Mijangos
Jose Andres Oregel Mijangos преди 28 дни
POV Lie detector: false Sypher: ok ok wait, hear me out
No Name
No Name преди 28 дни
The best part was I didn’t even need a lie detector to tell when he was lying lol
BeastBot900 преди 28 дни
Do a locker tour
Yoyo Thingz
Yoyo Thingz преди 28 дни
Can we appreciate how Sypher lies to be nice to his wife and friends
Loomy преди 29 дни
Nah junior is wrong fresh would rock sypher (No offense sypher)
GlockWit Abeam
GlockWit Abeam преди 29 дни
Fresh would smash sypher but I’d like to see an undercover with fresh
Toni преди 29 дни
The fuck is that fake shit
Ant and kez holiday reviews and adventures
Ant and kez holiday reviews and adventures преди 29 дни
Such a great family wish i had the same as u sypher im a bit jelous lol
Om3d преди месец
Have a bad day (:
Fledge преди месец
it's a laptop and its not hooked up to anything they hired a guy to say yes and no scripted aswell
SBOMESH преди месец
The thing is not connected to the laptop how does he no if it's a lie or not
Get claped 4753
Get claped 4753 преди месец
lt's the reverb for me
lt's the reverb for me преди месец
Luke Purfield
Luke Purfield преди месец
He is not hooked up to A lie detector lie detector‘s have way more wires and equipment used for them he only has a heartbeat sensor on his finger and one of those things that you put on your muscle that does nothing for a lie detector
Arbenteuer mit Freunden
Arbenteuer mit Freunden преди месец
You wife kill you 😂😂🔪
Boy Fortnite
Boy Fortnite преди месец
Fresh suck You are better than fresh and typically gamer
Thenoobccom IPad
Thenoobccom IPad преди месец
Sypher: Alia click baits some times. Me thinking: more like Alia.Fake/click bait
227blaze преди месец
Ayo we need to see a fresh vs sypher 1v1 It needs to happen
Chaotix преди месец
can we just quickly acknowledge how bad sypher is at lying, its like we didnt need the lie detector
Brian Jandres
Brian Jandres преди месец
Do you find Fortnite skin’s attractive Me: Yes the 1 skin i find attractive the most is the Fortnite Razor skin 🥰❤️. She’s beautiful for me 😍!
Forward преди месец
These lie detectors are just looking for signs of lying not actually detecting lying
Romina- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
Romina- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me преди месец
I never lie
NOVICE ELITE преди месец
Make sure this video gets to fresh so lazerbeam make meme out of it
Zachary Kirkham
Zachary Kirkham преди месец
love that he trys so hard to lie but like we can see it on his face he thinks some skins be thiccck
Javi Thomason
Javi Thomason преди месец
The lie detector guy be chillin with the shades in the back exposing sypher
jameson преди месец
sypher is getting more cringe. first the fake reactions on the tik toks now this. oof
Ryker Gorrell
Ryker Gorrell преди месец
7:01 He died after this video and we all know it.
arnav lohokare
arnav lohokare преди месец
I just wanna say for a guy with a lie detector he lied sooo much
rami Omar
rami Omar преди месец
Justin Mendez
Justin Mendez преди месец
Sypher might still hack
Alex преди месец
Sypher click baits this video by saying that he took a lie detector test smh
Unathi Ntengo
Unathi Ntengo преди месец
Aim assist
Unathi Ntengo
Unathi Ntengo преди месец
You should see him assist now
Dean Walker
Dean Walker преди месец
Fucking hell
Basil 61
Basil 61 преди месец
I agree with him I the map thing
gray преди месец
rebecca haney
rebecca haney преди месец
my favorite part of this is that we are all pretending that a blood pressure cuff not in use is a lie detector machine
Jason преди месец
@SypherPK: we need a new map Community: you f*cking high or somthing?, do we have a problem?
Primo преди месец
Jack the legend edit LOL
Brian M
Brian M преди месец
lol i like that you kept trying to lie even though you kept getting called out
Brian M
Brian M преди месец
two Cs
Barnaby преди месец
Bruh the true or false guy is literally a robot
Mr Quacky
Mr Quacky преди месец
Every question answer : False Sypher: OK sometimes...
Ghou преди месец
The lie detector determined that was a lie
Deathnote преди месец
That is a clickbait😂😂 That is a pulse oximeter and a blood pressure operatus😂
Andyy преди месец
Fresh excels in a 1v1. You can bring up his recent comp placements, or his videos, but they dont do his solo fighting justice at all. The fact that hes a content creator and could still beat a lot of oces top pros in 1v1 reals is pretty impressive. (say what you want about oce pros, but they aren't THAT bad)
This is so obviously staged
Furious Gaming
Furious Gaming преди месец
last question is a mystery forever
Aqua преди месец
i think this is clickbait
Rex The Clonetrooper
Rex The Clonetrooper преди месец
SypherPK, aren't you a muslim?
Rex The Clonetrooper
Rex The Clonetrooper преди месец
4:37 lol what are those dogs randomly
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