The Future of Fortnite...
преди ден
The NEW Combat SMG is Here!
преди 18 часа
EPIC Just SAVED Fortnite Season 8!
The NEW Combat AR is INSANE!
Epic made a Big MISTAKE..
преди 7 дни
SQUID GAME in Fortnite!
преди 7 дни
Epic FINALLY Added the Machine Pistol!
Reacting to CURSED Fortnite Tiktoks!
MECHS are Coming Back...
преди 14 дни
Epic Games Finally INVITED Me!
преди 14 дни
Epic FINALLY did it.
преди 21 ден
Bringing Tfue Back to Fortnite
преди 21 ден
the end of Typical Gamer
преди 28 дни
Fortnite's NEW TRAPS!
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kittysketch преди 13 часа
Wow, Never heard of fivewalnut until this video. All I can say is wow, their builds are the best creative builds I’ve ever seen!
Coyal Radius
Coyal Radius преди 13 часа
the fact that he hardly has 57 fps to 60 huh?
Jéraymy Morteau
Jéraymy Morteau преди 13 часа
The hardest thing in creative is to find the perfect piece for your idea bcs its so messed up in galery 😑
KL5 преди 13 часа
Flintlock gang where u at
Shaheer Khan
Shaheer Khan преди 13 часа
Im a middle east prayer to arab people are pros bro pro then you
The Holy Roman Empire
The Holy Roman Empire преди 13 часа
If the Leaf Village is added it should replace Stealthy Stronghold
BliZiX преди 13 часа
I tquited fortnite 5 months ago now I’m back
Firey_Stage преди 13 часа
Sypher- says that the helicopter is a new vehicle Choppa- Am I a joke to your?!?
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett преди 13 часа
i thought the next vote was combat shotgun vs bogie bombs
Sosoalsafah преди 13 часа
I feel fortnite should add a new poi every week like the one we had in chapter 1
Tiberius преди 13 часа
uhhhh, your title may need a bit of redoing.
rakhilraj 101
rakhilraj 101 преди 13 часа
For real if the mecks come back ima delete fortnite on god I'd do it and I've been playing since season 1 consistently !
Samurai преди 13 часа
Flint nock pistol is gonna comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aden Obrien
Aden Obrien преди 14 часа
What’s number 2s map code?
Dru Owen
Dru Owen преди 14 часа
This man single handedly butchered naruto, star wars and marvel fans in one video lmao SHEEEEEEEESHHHHH! This video was nuts bro. Great content as usual. Some of these creators are insanely talented.
Ro_playz преди 14 часа
What I would give to go back…
Shen преди 14 часа
Honestly I think Epic just needs to hire the top creative map makers to make a new battle Royale map
Aniiz преди 14 часа
The fact that he just got a kill and there was a scar right there and he just acted like he didn’t see it
DSP преди 14 часа
Your #1 map was good
James Joshua
James Joshua преди 14 часа
#3 reminds me of sanctuary from borderlands 2 and #1 reminds me of finalfantasy 7 remake
Hollywood_652 aka God Of Speed UI
Hollywood_652 aka God Of Speed UI преди 14 часа
I love it, much faster more powerful
Wheeler Kids Tv
Wheeler Kids Tv преди 14 часа
Subscribe to Wheeler kids TV
DSP преди 14 часа
George the Youtuber
George the Youtuber преди 14 часа
yes please
MASTER OF SILENCE преди 14 часа
Nom 17 is dubai 😂
CXRAZY преди 14 часа
jonathan torres
jonathan torres преди 14 часа
Sypher watches anime but not marvel💀 “wHaTs tHiS BlUe CuBe??”
Sam Setha
Sam Setha преди 14 часа
Do you know that the last map somebody called that map fake because it looks so good
Luca Alsop
Luca Alsop преди 14 часа
simontapbe преди 14 часа
bring back memory
zeus_ 0778
zeus_ 0778 преди 14 часа
8:18 I am watching
Aaron Karl Regginalld
Aaron Karl Regginalld преди 14 часа
why was he getting bad fps ?
PHOENIX_Lime преди 14 часа
I swear my guy is slowly turning into dhar man
Sdrp95 преди 14 часа
Five walnut is a joke, so good. That last map must have been based from the Batman games...felt so similar
Tanzeel преди 14 часа
2:00 his game is lagging that means i will nit visit that map
ggdough преди 14 часа
Minecraft 4K
President Loki
President Loki преди 14 часа
the players make stuff even the devs cant lol
make me second or most disliked on youtube
make me second or most disliked on youtube преди 14 часа
That first one shoulda been way higher on the list
OptimusGAYTARD преди 14 часа
He said MakaMakes Wrong
Siddhant Athavale
Siddhant Athavale преди 14 часа
Sypher could u pls tell the release date of naruto skin. Or any speculation ?
Gavin Foster
Gavin Foster преди 14 часа
16 looks like it's from Lord of the rings
insectpublic преди 14 часа
I wonder what the code is to the top 2 map
It’s Jaden
It’s Jaden преди 14 часа
Ehan Sharthas
Ehan Sharthas преди 14 часа
my guy says he is a huge fan of naruto and says ichiraku ramen as ichiko ramen madd 15:59
Ya Boi Sid
Ya Boi Sid преди 14 часа
I think epic is gonna make an ltm for everything that lost the vote, that would be pretty cool
Skyz преди 14 часа
5:46 Sypher: "wow that's insane there's reflection in this game"
преди 14 часа
sypher missed a coin that i saw
Fortnite Double Pump
Fortnite Double Pump преди 14 часа
These creative maps are way too good 😂 they need to be on the design team 🔥
FaZe Ice
FaZe Ice преди 14 часа
Asgard is a city from marvel movies and the cube you saw is the Teserract
Static Sting
Static Sting преди 14 часа
i didn't even get to vote for any of the combat guns bruh..and im sad that flintknock is (obviously) coming back..(i like both proximity and flint but its a hard choice for me)
Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi преди 14 часа
Sypher, that blue cube is the tesseract
JY Leow
JY Leow преди 14 часа
This is definitely the future of Fortnite
shugotgame преди 14 часа
I think it would be cool if Fortnite added a mode where it’s still the same battle royale with the same guns but instead, the map is filled with different creative landmarks people have made. The only problem is that everyone’s FPS would die 😵‍💫
Tarskybull Beme
Tarskybull Beme преди 14 часа
"Why is there a toilet in here?" WELL HOW'S THE MONEY SUPPOSED TO POOP?
Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi преди 14 часа
I can't believe this is WITHOUT MODDING
Ethan Joubert
Ethan Joubert преди 14 часа
Number 1 is insane and is the best art one by far, but i like number 17 the best for explore able
The Chocolate Labs
The Chocolate Labs преди 14 часа
2:01 peelyboner
Naughtyy 417
Naughtyy 417 преди 14 часа
Play with dominic again hes such a cool kidd
BluMac преди 14 часа
You can tell he has Ray tracing on. Look at his frames lmao
Master Achiver
Master Achiver преди 14 часа
Man I didn't thought fortnite creative can build such a awesome and beautiful looking maps
Mikolaj Kozlowski
Mikolaj Kozlowski преди 14 часа
The top 10 reminds me of warframe
Biospark Gaming
Biospark Gaming преди 15 часа
I voted for the SMG
Pratham Sethia
Pratham Sethia преди 15 часа
Hats off to all creator builders
Falcon Fury
Falcon Fury преди 15 часа
The space stone
Falcon Fury
Falcon Fury преди 15 часа
Before the sky arena gun game
Falcon Fury
Falcon Fury преди 15 часа
ԞØƉƗ¥₳Ԟ преди 15 часа
2021 anybody here
ProFuZioN_YT преди 15 часа
I have play the starwars map before
nin_flame преди 15 часа
I wish I had the frames to play these
KingTim FN
KingTim FN преди 15 часа
i cant wait for tfue to come back
KingTim FN
KingTim FN преди 15 часа
i miss tfue so much
Nolan Harthan
Nolan Harthan преди 15 часа
I'm happy combat AR won we do not need Another smg to spam
Nose преди 15 часа
Fahad Ayub
Fahad Ayub преди 15 часа
The third place is like mortal engines
Furious Killer2424
Furious Killer2424 преди 15 часа
look at the intention- why is there a toilet here ? - sypher 2021
Christian Ng
Christian Ng преди 15 часа
him saying it looks like tim made my laugh so hard
MythicMikeyYT преди 15 часа
I would love for some of these map creations to become an actual P.O.I😱😁
matthew lai
matthew lai преди 15 часа
it's so hard to render that even sypher pk has 60 FPS
makyah Hamilton
makyah Hamilton преди 15 часа
Sypher's hair??????
Falcon Fury
Falcon Fury преди 15 часа
The should add them as poi's